After the Renovation: The Clean-up Checklist

If you just finished a major renovation it's time to clean up all that dust & debris. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning up after a renovation.

There is nothing more satisfying than renovating your home. You get a new perspective on your personal space, a fresh start and an inspiring background to start your day. However, in reality, all you can see in your home is a considerable amount of mess left behind. Debris everywhere, dust in all corners of your home, and not enough fresh air. The sight can be a pretty discouraging one, but if you have a free day ahead of you and an extra pair of hands that can help you, you can be done very quickly with the last and most important stage of transforming your home.

Before you launch into your post-renovation cleaning, be sure to equip yourself with a protective mask, gloves, enough garbage bags, packs of cleaning cloth and a good amount of disinfection and cleaning products. Then you can start with this cleaning checklist made out of essential things you should.

Vacuum Floors and Walls

After the renovation, even if construction workers try to protect everything with plastic covers, the dust has a way of embedding itself in curtains, carpets, upholstery and even ceilings which can be particularly annoying. Therefore, make sure to vacuum everything and give every detail a considerable amount of your attention, even those places you usually do not clean that often. Be especially aware of corners of the house, but also the corners of your kitchen, bathroom and living room. Do not forget to vacuum under your furniture, as well.

Wipe down everything

Make sure that after vacuuming, you wipe down everything in your renovated space. Starting with walls, which can also contain dust, you can try dry-dusting which is the safest way to clean them but also a great option if your walls have a fresh coat of paint. However, you can also rely on good old damp cloth which will also do the necessary job. But be careful and always examine the type of paint you have on your walls and if it will affect them. If you have any misgivings regarding this, you can consult these house painters in Sydney to see which type of cleaning is best for them. After this is done, if you have moldings you should pay attention to them, since dust particles also like to embed themselves there, too. Wipe down kitchen cabinets, any flat surfaces, shelves and other furniture such as chairs, tables or any other hard surfaces. After all this exhaustive cleaning, you should focus on the floors, which should be moped and disinfected from wall to wall.

Clean Air Vents and Filters

The air we breathe in after renovations can be quite bad and full of chemicals and dust particles. This can impose danger on those with respiratory problems, so do not neglect your air vents and filters. You should make sure to clean your air vents, especially if you have done renovations in a bigger part of your home, or if you have renovated your whole house. Dust particles have a way of going into the air vents, so pay special attention to those small parts of your home most people usually neglect. This can be usually done by removing air vents and cleaning them with warm, soapy water. After removing vents, you should check on and change air filters. Sometimes it happens that construction workers or painters remove filters and forget to put them back up. In any way, you should replace all your filters with new ones so there is a good amount of oxygen in your home.

Clean everything else

After checking out those fundamental three steps while cleaning up, all you have left to do is devote yourself to minor clean-up tasks. As with everything else, damp cloth and cleaning products should always be by your side. You can clean your windows, small electronic appliances and decorative items. Pay attention to light bulbs, ceiling fans and other light fixtures. Be careful to unplug everything you are cleaning, for your safety. Do not forget the insides of your wardrobe, hardware, like door knobs and handles, as well as sills and frames. All that is left to do is to take out the garbage and any debris left behind. You can light a scented candle or buy a scented air freshener to bring more freshness into your home.

Key Takeaway

Anyone who has ever been involved in renovation knows that cleaning is no small nor easy feat. However, thorough cleaning of your home is one of the most important tasks of your post-renovation process since a lot of chemicals, dust and toxins are released into the air of your home. Therefore, you should always take one day off and just launch yourself into a meticulous cleaning of the space you live in. After that is done, you can relax and appreciate your new clean and aesthetically pleasing living space.

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