Common Household Items That Can be Used For Cleaning

Everyone loves a clean home; however, getting the job done isn’t usually the most fun task. By using eco-friendly, natural cleaners and making your own DIY cleaning recipes, undertaking that job will make the end results worthy of the task a head. With so many inexpensive, natural, easy to use alternatives it’s really surprising that we are still buying harmful cleaning products when we have so many other options sitting in our cabinets and pantries.

Common Household Items That Can be Used For Cleaning

Below are a few great cleaning tips and environmentally safe DIY products that can make and use alone or in a combination for a wealth of household applications. Make these simple yet effective cleaners with items from your pantry that work and smell way better.

White Vinegarvinegar

White vinegar will clean everything. Distilled white vinegar is the most important natural cleaner in your home. Always keep a giant bottle of this miracle liquid handy.

Simply dilute an even amount of vinegar with water in a spray bottle, or with any of the items below to get just about anything in your home squeaky clean. Remember that a higher concentration of vinegar to water will achieve better cleaning power results.

Vinegar literally has an endless number of uses including cleaning, disinfecting., degreasing, removing smells, removing stains, you name it

If you’re worried that vinegar will leave a smell behind, just wait for it to dry. Once dried, the vinegar smell will disappear and remember, store bought chemical cleaners also smell; we’re just used to think of their smell as the scent of clean.


Baking Sodabaking soda

Baking soda’s claim-to-fame is its power to freshen and clean many spots in your home. It’s a super-effective (but gentle) abrasive and is a great natural deodorizer; it is effective in all varieties of home cleaning. Need to clean your coffee machine? Run a pot of coffee with a few tablespoons of baking soda in the filter instead of coffee and be amazed by how filthy that thing was. Is your sink drain clogging up? Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of boiling white vinegar or water.

Hydrogen Peroxidehydrogen_peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a great disinfectant that can be used like bleach because it kills bacteria, mold, and salmonella. It’s also anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-mildew meaning that it also prevents all these things too. Hydrogen peroxide is the key to this cleaner. It is non-toxic for people, household animals, plants, and the earth.

You can use this cleaner for everything from streak-free mirrors to wiping out the cat litter box. Since hydrogen peroxide is known for its many cleaning benefits, it will also eliminate the number of different cleaning products you need have around. Finally use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect your sponges, mops, and scrub pads after your done using them too.

You can make your own all-purpose cleaner using three basic, inexpensive, non-toxic ingredients with:

  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
  • ¼ cup Lemon Juice

Mix and adjust to suit your needs.

Citrus Fruit Lemon

Most citrus fruits are known to be great to polish, bleach and eliminate mildew. In addition the scent of lemon, lime or grapefruit will add a fresh fragrance to your home. There is no need for expensive detergents and cleaners when you could use lemons to keep your home shiny and fresh. Lemon is known to be an environmentally pleasant cleaning agent, acting as an antioxidant. Since lemon juice contains citric acid, it will shine and freshen everything. Incorporate lemon into your cleaning to disinfect the kitchen, work surfaces, pans pots and dishes. It will dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits; In addition lemons clean and shine metals such as brass and copper; in addition to polishing furniture and hardwood floors.

Most everyday cleaning jobs can be carried out successfully by using water, vinegar, baking soda, Hydrogen Peroxide and Citrus Fruits. These natural products will have the least impact on the environment and provide you with a cost-effective cleaning method. We hope these simple and easy tips will make your home cleaning projects a breeze.

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