5 Things You Should Consider Before Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Before you start a kitchen remodel, thoroughly plan and consider these 5 imperative points to create a kitchen you truly adore.
What to consider in a kitchen remodel

We know that for many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important part the house. While is imperative that the look and design of your kitchen are attractive and welcoming, we also want our kitchens are to be clean and tidy.

So if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, we suggest you take the time to thoroughly plan and consider the following points to create a kitchen you truly adore.


The most important thing to consider whenever planning something new is the budget. We should be strict otherwise the remodeling never fails to leave a huge dent in our bank accounts.

Fixing a budget for planning new kitchens can be a bit tricky. We have to make sure that all the key elements of change have been included, otherwise, there is no point of making the budget.

The budget should be made as such that neither it is exorbitantly high nor it is restricting. It is best advised to consult a designer, for the budget as he or she would have the most knowledge about the ongoing trends and their prices.

Existing Layout

Another major decision to consider after deciding the budget is if you want to change your existing layout or not. Changing the existing layout would mean changing not only the positions of the cabinets but also the gas and water lines in the kitchen.

This decision would adversely affect our budget. So, it’s wise to be clear beforehand whether you want to totally change the design of the kitchen or make just a few smaller changes to efficiently update workspaces in your kitchen.

Appliance Size and Style

Another major factor many homeowners have trouble with when planning a new kitchen is deciding which appliances they want to install. Kitchen appliances come in a variety of sizes and styles, therefore choosing the right one can sometimes be tricky.

In such cases, it is best advised to get guidance from an expert. As he or she will be able to tell according to the usage of your kitchen what kind of appliances would be best suited for you and also what sizes you would require. These experts could also help in coordinating the design of the appliances along with the design of your kitchen. You could opt for a good dishwasher, microwave, cooktop, stove and various other appliances which should be changed at least once every 5 years.


With the kitchen being the heart and soul of the house, leaving it dull is not an option. We should make sure that our kitchens are well lit and have an adequate amount of lighting.

The kitchen should neither be too bright nor too dim. For optimal light in your kitchen, it is important that you analyze the size and structure of our kitchen thoroughly before making a decision on whether the lighting should be changed or not.

Also, you should think of kind of lighting you want in your kitchen beforehand. Where the lighting should be put is also a major decision that must be considered. Do you want the lighting on the stove, in and under the cabinet…? The list goes on and on.

Space Between Counters

It is recommended to leave a minimum of 1m of floor space between your two worktops. This will help to easily open the drawers and cupboards.

Remember that having any dead space creates clutter, dust and outdates the kitchen. Filling in spaces, even with false cabinetry, will make the space look bigger even if your ceilings are low.
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