Turnkey Residential Construction Solutions

Complete Your Entire Residential Construction and Remodeling Project Under One Roof   Every home hides limitless possibilities for making it unique from artistic designs to custom residential carpentry focused on comfort and efficiency. Most homeowners are likely to have a desire to improve one or more spaces in their home, making it their own. Even […]

Should I Remodel My Existing Home or Sell It and Move?

A burning question most homeowners have on their mind is whether they should remodel or move. Deciding between remodeling your home or selling it and moving into a new one may have a lot to do with your current budget and lifestyle. In order for you to get a better understanding, we complied a list of […]

Design Your Own (Affordable) Custom Kitchen Cabinetry with Imagineer Remodeling

Did you know: Imagineer Remodeling offers affordable custom cabinets for any room in your home? We design unique solutions for integrated kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom and other home furniture, that enables our valued clients to make their dreams come true. This quick FAQ list should answer some introductory questions you might have about the cost and […]

Home Construction and Renovation Trends In 2014

The concept of building a custom home or doing a major renovation to your existing home allows you to create a space as personal and unique as your family and lifestyle. That said, you should not be obligated to follow trends, but instead become educated and inspired with some of the most popular home construction […]

The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends – Summer 2014

The hottest interior design trends of 2014 are appearing in and transforming dull kitchens into bold statement pieces. This year, we’re seeing a shift toward contrasting colors and textures, restoring natural wood and reviving metals. There has also been a huge shift in mixing old with new by incorporating old style kitchen appliances, butcher tables, […]