Tips To Pop Up Small Details From The Interior Design

Whether it is a small studio or a flat with only a couple of rooms and a design with natural materials, or a big Japanese-style family apartment with a myriad of small pots, pans, porcelain cups and bits that are flawlessly arranged on dozens of shelves – there is always something more to pick up […]

The Future is Here: Introducing The Smart Home

A Smart Home, or smart house, is a home that integrates advanced automation systems to provide the occupants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the homes functions. A smart home features technological and electronic automation with the intent to control the home’s common everyday tasks. A smart home may control security, window and door operations, lighting, […]

Eccentric Home Design Ideas

What Can Be Duller Than Mainstream? Imagine: you spot an amazing area rug for your living room and decide to wait a few more paychecks before purchasing it. Suddenly, you start to see the same rug everywhere, that everybody has it, and multiple retailers are replicating the same design. No matter how much you NEEDED […]

Press: Imagineer Remodeling Joins ‘Best Buys’ TV Show Family

Imagineer Remodeling is now part of the Best Buys TV Show family with Alan Mendelson on KCAL9. Best Buys features the best businesses in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County that can help save you big bucks and get the most for “your money.” Best Buys TV is the most watched shopping […]