Living Room Entertainment Center Ideas


There are many different looks that you can select to complete and modernize your living room. A customized entertainment center can make your space look luxurious, chic, or as simple as you desire. Working with your space and making the room as functional as possible will help you to get the greatest enjoyment from the use of your living room and entertainment center, while beautifying the room.

Full Wall Entertainment Center

Dedicating a full wall to television, shelving, gaming systems, and knick-knacks can open up the room and give you more space to move around. Mixing shelving and cabinetry can help you to hide away certain items and display others. It is important to make sure that there are enough electrical outlets on the wall and that the cable runs into the wall that will be used beforehand, so that visible wiring can be minimized or eliminated.

Book Shelf with Mounted TV


Designing an entertainment center with a television mounted in the center and bookshelves around it can give a room the smart and calm appearance of a library. Strategically selecting the books that are chosen and painting the shelving in muted tones can help to mitigate distractions, making the TV the focal point of the room. Mounting the TV inside of the shelving or flat against the wall with the shelving all around can reduce clutter and give the room a clean and well planned look.

Wall Mounted TV with Open Shelving

Selecting “floating” shelving and opting for an open space for TV mounting can give a room a futuristic appearance. Having the shelving and TV appear to stay on the walls free from support can simplify the room. Selecting shelving that is chrome, black, or white depending on the color scheme of the room will prevent the look from going out of style quickly as fashions change. Opting for a TV that doubles as a mirror or picture can increase the futuristic appearance even more.

Enclosed TV and Cabinetry

Deciding upon an entertainment center that features cabinetry and doors to enclose the TV will allow the room to double as a study, office, or even a ballroom depending on the size and style. Mounting the TV inside of cabinetry with doors to hide it away allows you to select more than one focal point for the room. The style of the cabinetry can help to give the room a rustic, modern, or simple appearance as you prefer.

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