Man-Cave Must Haves: 4 Ways To Add A Masculine Space To Your Home

Man-Cave Must Haves: Here are 4 simple ways to create an exclusive, guys-only hangout space in your home.

Man-Cave Mania

When it comes to having a knack for interior design and an eye for style, men sometimes get the short end of the stick.

But more and more men are showing off their design and decorating skills as they convert empty bedrooms into man-caves that will make your head spin.

Man-caves, or private spaces within a home for the man of the house to call his own, have exploded from a recliner and a TV in the garage to five-star luxury additions, ranging in all different sizes, styles, layouts and designs.

Turn An Empty Room Into YOUR Room

If you’ve got an empty room, a few good ideas, some basic DIY knowledge and a weekend or two to spare, you can create a man-cave that will have all of the neighborhood guys wanting to hang out at your place.

Upgrading an unused bedroom into a creative and cool man-cave is a popular trend in luxury properties across the county.

The themes vary by location, and a man-cave in Miami Beach houses on the water may look very different than the man-cave in an NYC apartment, but the idea is the same: a masculine place to unwind and relax.

Pick A Theme

Picking a theme for a man-cave isn’t like picking a theme for a nursery or child’s room.

If you like sports, you don’t have to buy every sport related trinket or fixture for the room, but instead, could make it a room where you could enjoy watching sports in different ways.

If you love cars, or craft beer, hunting, golf or fitness, you can design the room so that it caters to what you love without being too over-the-top and crowded. Your golf inspired man-cave doesn’t have to have fake grass as the flooring, but it could have a large flat screen to watch the PGA championship game and a place to keep your clubs and balls organized.

Don’t overthink the theme too much. Think about what you love to do, and let your man-cave reflect it.  This is the stage where you think about wall colors, flooring ideas and other structural changes you want to make to the room. Dark wood floors and accents give a room a masculine feel, and a wall that is textured with brick, rock, wood, or stone can transform a basic room into something with more of a purpose.

Be Selective About Furniture

If you have a favorite recliner or sofa that has seen you through some tough times and is molded to fit the contour of your body, it must go into the man-cave. Seating in a man-cave should be functional and comfortable. If you’re using a typical bedroom spacing may be limited, so think carefully about how much space you want to use on sofas and chairs.

Floor seating, like giant beanbags, can offer seating for additional guests and put away when not in use.

A simple coffee table and wall shelves are great additions and give you more surface space to showcase your favorite items.

Leave Room For Appliances

The whole point of a man-cave is to have all of your basic necessities in one room.

Installing a small fridge or kegerator means you don’t have to leave the room for a snack or a beer, and installing a wall mounted TV allows you to watch movies or play video games without taking up space in the room.

Plenty of outlets to keep all of your electronics plugged in is a must, and wall mounted speakers that sync to your music so that you can have all of your favorite jams pumping through the room with a simple click of a button.

Go Big or Go Home

If you have the space, skill, and budget to go all out, there are some pretty insane man-cave ideas that will completely change the way you think about your personal space.

Adding a bathroom is a big project that can take comfort and convenience in your man-cave to a whole new level, a bookshelf with a hidden door adds mystery and fun to your space, and going all out and expanding the room to include a bar, pool table, home gym or office, or media room can really re-define a traditional man-cave.


Key Takeaway: Whether you are planning a complete remodel or just want to repurpose an unused bedroom for a little space of your own, your man-cave should be a reflection of you, and a safe place for you to unwind and be surrounded by your favorite things. It’s your man-cave; you decide what goes in it! As long as your man-cave is a place that you enjoy being in and makes you feel comfortable and at home, it’s the right space for you.

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