6 Ways to Make Your Home a Hygge Haven this Fall

If you're searching for ways to enjoy the slow side of life before winter, here are the best ways to make your home a hygge haven this fall.

The concept of Hygge has received significant interest over the past few years, and with good reason. As more people recognize the importance of investing in their mental health and realize the positive impact of learning how to mindfully slow down and relax, they’re finding that the practice of Hygge is just what they’ve been looking for.

This type of living focuses on a sense of coziness, comfort, and contentness. And with fall just around the corner, it’s no surprise that it’s such an inviting way of life for people who want to enjoy the season.

So, if you’re searching for ways to enjoy the slow side of life before winter, here are the best ways to make your home a hygge haven this fall.

Do a Seasonal Declutter

One of the first steps toward embracing the sense of calm that comes with a Hygge lifestyle is to eliminate all the elements inside your home that clutter your living space or stress you out.

Now, before you start going all out Marie Kondo on your belongings, remember that a seasonal declutter is not just about tossing out anything that isn’t trendy at the moment or needs a bit of TLC.

Instead, it’s about carefully considering the type of decor you want to bring into your home this fall — regardless of whether that means purchasing new items or shopping from your own home.

Furthermore, remember that form should always follow function. A Hygge haven home is practical, optimized to your lifestyle, and makes you and your family feel good instead of just looking attractive on Instagram.

Invest in Sustainable, Nature-Inspired Decor and Greenery

One of the best ways to make your home a Hygge haven this fall is to find ways to bring nature inside.

This doesn’t necessarily mean turning your house into a maximalist jungle (though that style can be just as enjoyable to spend time in).

Instead, it means utilizing natural and sustainable decor pieces and intentionally enriching your living spaces with plants, foliage, or even a delicious-looking fruit bowl. In the end, planting some herbs in a mason jar won’t just serve a purpose in the kitchen. It can also look (and smell) amazing, helping envelop you in that cozy feeling of being right where you belong.

Pay Attention to Tactile Sensation

As you prepare for fall, your first instinct will be to decorate with a muted color palette and pare things down. And that’s a great visual strategy for the colder months when our bodies naturally want to rest and relax.
But in addition to the visual aspects of getting Hygge-ing up your house, also be mindful of the tactile effects of the decor pieces you choose.

We already mentioned that decorating your house with natural and sustainable materials makes perfect sense if you want your living spaces to exude calm and peace. But if you want to take things up a notch, you’ll opt for fabrics that also feel good to the touch (and invite you to cozy up on the sofa with a good book and a delicious cup of tea).

For instance, while linen sheets may be a great choice year-round for your bed, consider pairing them with natural wool (or cashmere) blankets. These fabrics will feel good to the touch and do an excellent job of regulating your temperature. And if you pair them with a high-quality hybrid mattress and opt for a color palette on the warm-neutral spectrum, they’ll also function as the most inviting bedroom space you can imagine.

Understand the Importance of Scents

Feeling comfy and cozy is just as much about what you smell as it is about what you see and feel. So, if you want to maximize the relaxation potential of your home this fall, consider curating the scents you use throughout your abode.

Traditionally, the scents associated with Hygge include fresh coffee, baked goods, woodsy greens, and sweet vanilla.

However, as you’re trying to make your house feel good to you and your family, choose fragrances with care. Research shows that scents have a measurable impact on mood, stress levels, relaxation, and stimulation. So, be mindful of what perfumes you introduce into your living spaces.

For instance, though coffee, toffee, or vanilla may be your favorite scents in the world, they won’t be the best choice for your bedroom. This is where you’ll want something a bit more relaxing, like lavender or jasmine.

Understand the Importance of Good Lighting

Lighting has a tremendous impact on how we feel in a space.

First and foremost, different light temperatures promote different operating modes for our brains. Cool lights boost energy, while warm ones encourage relaxation.

Secondly, remember that natural light will be less available the further away we get from the summer months. For this reason, your home needs to be well-lit with a combination of functional, ambient, and decorative lighting.

So, to make your living spaces more cozy and inviting, consider investing in some low lighting (like floor or table lamps) with bulbs in the 1.000-2.700K range. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to turn on your fireplace or light a few candles for an added cozy effect.

And remember, switching to warm lights in the afternoon won’t just make you feel comfy and relaxed. It can also be a sleep-promoting strategy — especially if you have difficulty falling asleep at night.

Don’t Close Up the Outdoor Spaces (Yet)

Lastly, as you try to bring a sense of Hygge to your home this fall, allow yourself to keep your outdoor spaces open (and in use) for at least a few more months.

Understandably, sitting on a freezing terrace may not be your idea of a relaxing way to start your day. However, by investing in a couple of warm blankets, you can upgrade the look of your outdoor spaces and also get a lot more use out of your outdoor furniture.

For example, if you can access accessories that will keep you warm, consider having your morning coffee on your patio. Or create a space in your garden where you can catch some sun in the afternoons while it’s still not too cold outside.

Finally, if you have the means, don’t hesitate to invest in an outdoor fireplace or heater, which can allow you to spend more time in your home’s outdoor spaces. After all, natural light and fresh air are both excellent for your health. Plus, enjoying them daily can make for a great way to reconnect with nature, especially at the end of a busy day or week.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best ways to make your home a Hygge haven this fall.

As you go into the process of cozy-fying your house, don’t feel like you have to use specific materials or emulate a Scandinavian aesthetic. Instead, think about what makes you feel good, relaxed, and at home, and be bold enough to go for that effect — even if it’s not technically “pure Hygge.”


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/vZb2zeAhmAc

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