Top Rated Shower Fixtures For Your Bathroom Remodel

Shower fixtures are more than just functional items. They warm, soothe, relax and rejuvenate the soul. It’s important to choose a reliable shower fixture for your bathroom and your needs as we typically rely on them to perform well and last for years to come. Before you choose a new bathroom shower fixture, consider which […]

Create Your Dream Bedroom In Five Simple Steps

As humans, we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping and most of it happens in our own bedroom. It’s a place to unwind after a long day, relax, and get some quality rest, so it’s perfectly normal to have a clear idea of how you want it to look. The good news is that […]

5 Best Kitchen Faucets For Any Budget

Kitchen faucets are more than just fixtures that sit in the background. A faucet is not only meant to be able to clean dishes with ease, it is meant to also be the centerpiece of your kitchen and should thus not be looked over in a hurry. The primary principle here is that no matter […]

Remodeling a Property with Optimal Rental Returns in Mind

If you are a landlord, you very well know renting is not only about collecting money. You know that you have to invest a bit into your renting residential units, just like you have to invest in your own home. You need to invest some time and money, you need to develop, monitor and maintain […]

Less Is More In Home Design

We all know the saying, “Less is more,” first popularized by minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. On a practical level it makes sense, having less stuff leaves more room, space and energy for the things you love. The less is more concept can apply to many situations but here at Imagineer Remodeling, we […]

The secret is out HGTV is just Reality TV

These days, it’s easy to get inside the housing process on an intimate level by watching the surplus of housing shows on TV. From buying a home, to decorating it, renovating or selling it. TV shows oversimplify the remodeling process, they’re based on fantasy, and some clients tend not to dwell on it. While we at Imagineer […]

10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

In order to build, fix, or maintain everything in your house, you will need some tools. With these 10 basic tools, you’ll be able to take on most of the repairs in your home. Adjustable Wrench Adjustable or crescent wrench enables you to tighten nuts and bolts or to easily loosen plumbing fixtures in your […]

Home renovations 2017 Trends: Something New & Different

With the start of 2017, we’ve bid adieu to some tired, bland and well-overstayed interior decor trends and welcomed some bold and daring new ones. Here at Imagineer Remodeling we truly believe the essence of a custom home remodeling project or major home renovation is to create a space that is 100% personal and unique to […]

Effective Design Solutions for Modernizing Your Kitchen

  Most people looking to revamp their kitchen are doing it for one of the following two reasons: their kitchen is no longer as functional as it used to be or they are planning to sell their house. In case you didn’t know, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important rooms in […]

Enhancing the Appeal of Your House with Wall Cladding

What is Wall Cladding? Wall cladding is a style of decorative covering intended to make a wall look like it’s made of a different material than it actually is. Choosing The Right Wall Cladding For Your Home The right wall cladding is a final touch to the overall design of your home. It can make a difference between […]