Trending: Soft & Simple Cabinetry


Kitchen and home cabinets have become more high-tech, yet cleaner as we see a trend toward a softer and simpler look.

The functionality and architectural attention of cabinet design remains to be an important consideration we encounter during most of our remodeling and construction projects. In addition to the kitchen, custom designed cabinets have become a common place for entertainment centers, master bath suites, laundry rooms, home offices, pantries and outdoors kitchen areas.

The extent of kitchen and cabinet designs within the home has evolved tremendously. In the past, consumers were interested in over-the-top showplace kitchens and elaborate, furniture-quality cabinets. Today’s consumers are no longer interested in a postcard look; instead, they want a kitchen that fits their family’s lifestyle. They want something contemporary with a great soft modern flow.

In the past, elaborate details were added to the kitchen such as moldings, corbels, and accents. Now, the trend in kitchen design, as in all areas of home design, is clean, simple lines. The most significant trend in cabinet design for 2015 is a simpler, softer, minimalist look, straight lines — almost a frameless cabinet look.

50 Shades Of Grey


Grey is the new hot color of the moment. Grey tones are gaining a wider interest, especially when mixed with an accent color. In woods, while maple is still popular the trend is toward richer, darker, and rustic, such as birch. Although white cabinets are still popular, there has been a subtle shift from stark white finishes to grey and creamy neutrals.

The Need for Accents


As kitchens have become more visible within the house, cabinetry designs have simplified and design lines have become cleaner, with color and texture accents.

In the past people wanted everything to match, but nowadays you don’t see much of that anymore. This is apparent in cabinet door finishes, with the use of two different-colored painted finishes or a mix of painted and stained finish. Integrating a mix of door styles, and design changes from the island to other cabinets or even the use of frameless cabinets and other front frame cabinets has also gained popularity.
Painted panels, laminate panels and glass doors with textured, opaque or clear glass are also in high demand for 2015.

Shining a Light on Functionality


State-of-the-art concepts in cabinet door operation go hand-in-hand with the trend to more contemporary, modern designs.
These include a variety of specialty cabinets and cabinet interior accessories such as:

  • Soft-close drawers and doors
  • Spice and specialty drawers
  • Pan and silverware dividers
  • Cabinet doors that lift up retract and bi-fold
  • Cabinets that hide small appliances and store bulk food or trash receptacles

Another increasingly popular modern option for cabinetry is the innovative use of LED lighting. In addition to conventional under-cabinet and crown molding lighting, cabinetmakers are integrating a European concept of embedding LED lights within pantry or base cabinets or above base cabinet toe kicks.

Design Your Own Custom Cabinetry with Imagineer Remodeling


With option abundance available to the consumer, custom cabinet design may be somewhat confusing at times. In order to achieve and design the home of your dreams, it is in your best interest to join forces with a professional home remodeling team.

By combining the knowledge, superior quality of work and the best materials available our team can create any custom cabinetry for any part of your home. At Imagineer Remodeling we work hard to ensure our clients are able to turn their home remodeling dreams into a reality.

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