Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2015


In 2015, we expect to see many homeowners renovating or remodeling one or more bathrooms in their homes. According to the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association, “We are already seeing emerging concepts that are user-friendly, modern and spa-like.”

This year, more consumers will be transforming the bathroom to reflect the design featured in the rest of the home. Here are 7 additional bathroom remodeling design trends you may want to incorporate into your bathroom makeover.

7 Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2015

Freestanding Bathtubs – Freestanding bathtubs will be the lead focal stars of the bathroom in 2015. These functional statement pieces can be vintage style or streamlined and modern. Freestanding tubs add a sculptural element and a feeling of luxury and the sophistication of a spa.

Master Suite Retreat – A properly outfitted master suite can serve as a retreat and refuge from daily life and your other ongoing house projects. It could also provide you with the private sanctuary you have always dreamed of, right inside your own bathroom. If you have the space, consider a space for tranquility and relaxation as you soak in the fun.


Master Suite Retreat by Imagineer Remodeling

Gray Tones – Gray color schemes are already popular in other rooms of the house however; these chic, elegant hues shouldn’t skip the bathroom! In 2015, gray tones are taking over walls, cabinets and accessories, providing a stunning and elegant color that can be used to create different styles and looks using hues of the same color.

Feature Floor Tiles – Statement floor tiles in different colors, textures and shapes add a natural clean elegance to any room, especially a bathroom. Create a statement by incorporating an arrangement of tiles to make the room feel stylish and more inviting, without overwhelming the space.

Incorporating Natural Beauty – Looking for a more quaint or serene bathroom? Consider incorporating the natural beauty from the outdoors to brighten a room. Introducing earthy materials such as tiles that look like wood or natural stone countertops are great ways to infuse your bathroom with a more natural vibe. Also think about inviting natural light into the bathroom to give the space a more economical and welcoming atmosphere.

Sustainable Style – Sustainability has certainly become a trending word in the world of home renovation and remodeling. Everything from water-saving technology to energy-efficient lighting and the use of natural resources are points to keep in mind as you makeover your bathroom. We are seeing lots of recycled, upcycled or reclaimed materials being used in bathroom designs in addition to more and more projects taking environmental responsibility throughout a building’s life-cycle: from the design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Some great sustainable design ideas for the bathroom include: using reclaimed wood; recycling materials from your existing, or “upcycling” an old or dated dresser or cabinet.

Custom Vanities – Considerable thought and planning should be given to the design of countertop and sink area of your bathroom. While under mount sinks and wall-hung floating vanities are both attractive and enable countertop cleaning, a completely custom design might accommodate your needs more efficiently. It is important to account for function and comfort, while not skimping on style.


Custom bathroom cabinet/ vanity by Imagineer Remodeling

These are just some of the popular bathroom remodeling concepts that we are seeing this year. If you are considering remodeling this year, we invite you to check out our online gallery for inspiration or visit our showroom to explore our wide variety of bathroom cabinets, flooring and accessories.

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