Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Have you been thinking of making a few small repairs to your house? If so, you may want to consider some small living room design improvements to transform your common living space into an interior designers haven. The best part is, all these ideas are all incredibly affordable and are quick & fun DIY projects for you and your family.

Get Inspired

Go to magazines for inspiration. Make note of the designs you like and what you do not like. Just because a designer says something is vogue does not mean you have to use it in your space if you do not like it. Ultimately choose the designs that will make you the most content because you will see them day after day.

Design for Small Spaces

In a smaller space, it is especially important to consider keeping the furniture from being oversized and bulky. Large furniture makes the room feel much smaller and harder to navigate. And a larger sofa will mean more sofa cleaning.

Small Living Room Design Ideas2

Add Some Light = Make The Room Appear Larger

  • A great technique for adding light in a small room is to place a large patterned rug over dark floors to help make a small room seem larger. Soft grey, light robin’s egg blue, and pastel mint greens are nice options to have as main colors in the rug. You can also pick a rug that will hide more stains and therefore save you some rug and carpet cleaning effort.
  • Soft grey, light robin’s egg blue, and pastel mint greens also make nice colors for the walls, just don’t try to combine all the colors together. Pick the one you like best, or choose another color that is lighter in hue. The colors here suggested do make a small room appear bigger.
  • Slip covers with light interesting designs on them make for a comfortable, elegant and cozy room.
  • Cut some wooden planks, stain them with a dark stain or the stain to add drama to a room, using brackets to attach them the full length of one wall. You can put ornaments, books, flowers, and other items on them.
  • Dress the windows with blinds and some nice gauzy sheers in white that add a soft, elegant and open feel to the room to create the illusion of space. Add a real or artificial tree in a corner of the room since greenery brings a nice touch. Curtain cleaning is not that hard, so you can go with curtains as well.
  • Candles on some accent tables finish off the room with a perfect touch. Include a nice mirror also on a vacant wall for polished refinement.

If you follow these design ideas, you will pull off a room that people will think that a designer did. And keep the home clean to maintain that quality.

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