The Carlton Beach House

Contemporary Beach House Remodel

This classic Americana contemporary beach house in Ventura, CA was in desperate need of a makeover. Everything from the plumbing, to the flooring, cabinets, and layout was updated. Browse The Carlton Beach House project for a traditional, all-American design with classic beach accents and rustic finishes.

I had water damage to my home in Ventura, which started as a flooding of the master bathroom on the second floor. I contacted my insurance company and they send out an appraiser. In addition, I have significant damage to my ocean front fence from severe wind conditions. I founr names of several contractors. One gave his appraisal of the water damage and repair, which he sent without my permission to the insurance company and before I had seen it or discussed it with me. I received a call in which he briefly said that he was sending me a contract, sign it, and return it. I told him I was getting further estimates. The second contractor that I called, arrived did some measurements and after several calls back-and-forth stated that he was preparing an estimate which I never received.

I looked up contractors under Yelp and after reading several reviews, I was drawn to Imagineer Remodeling in Westlake Village. I called and spoke with a gentleman named Isaac. A gentle man in the true sense. I arranged to meet him at his show room. He is an open, honest and sincere individual. His brother, Gilbert, creates 3D designs and both discussed at length various choices. They do not try to persuade or pressure you to do any remodeling. They both listen and then describe available and sensible options. They offer a wide variety of material displayed in a lovely showroom. They are frank, open with no embellishments. They discuss choices, prices and practicality.

I instantly felt a kinship and respected their practical suggestions and fair prices for superb materials. After evaluating the damages, Isaac was significantly helpful in dealing with my insurance company.Rather than just repair and bring the home back to the mid-80s interior and because of the extensive damage to five rooms, I decided to completely remodel and update to a contemporary style. ImagineerRemodeling made the remodel effortless. Beachfront homes are subject to both city and coastal commission permitting which was taken care of despite the lengthy process involved.

The total job was done within approximately 6 to 7 months much to everyone’s pleasant surprise. Gilbert’s designs were easily understood with 3-D technology which show you exact details of what the remodel would look like.They work as a team to locate material at the best prices for you. Many problems that were detected after taking down paneling on walls were repaired without additional charges. They do not nickel and dime you.They have a supervisor, Yoni, on the job daily, ensuring adherence to quality and safety. I was away for the majority of the remodeling, but Isaac was always in touch with updates on the project. To most of my friend’s amazement, the house was completed on a timely basis. The quality of work and precision of Gilbert’s measurements phenomenal. Isaac is immediately responsive to calls or emails. I personally heard him on the phone, while driving on our first meeting, answering a customer that a cabinet problem would be taken care of by one of his men later that day or the next day at most.

I cannot emphasize enough that these gentlemen of Imagineer Remodeling are the best that I have worked with in years. Talented, reliable, affable and honest!! I have gained new friends.
I would highly recommend them without hesitation for any type of a remodel or construction.

– Robert M. Carlton