Nursery Room Decoration Tips

Nursery Room Decoration Tips

Having kids can be a joyous occasion, but they will require a lot of care and attention if you want them to grow up happy and content with their life at home. Decorating your nursery will be something of a fairly easy task compared to the demands of other locations around your home.

Use these nursery room decorating tips to stimulate your child’s imagination, and your own:

  • Borrow or use hand-me-downs from your relatives and friends. If they have children and they have some good used toys or furniture you can make use of at this time. This can help you greatly when you need to save money as well as finding much better use for your currently existing, older decorations and the nursery themed possessions you have.
  • Check out the yard and garage sales in the area will be a really useful opportunity. You can find some really good solutions out there that may be unobtainable in the most usual way.
  • Look for any potential convertible furniture options you can work with for more flexibility and functionality, such as a crib that converts to a toddler or twin sized bed. These options may be a bit more expensive initially, but it will be worth the investment as convertible furniture could offer greater flexibility as time goes by. Another tip is to add more shelving to any closet rather than buying a new dresser. Renovating your closet can be an excellent organization solution once the baby comes and it can also be used for other items you may wish to store.
  • Work with a gender neutral set of colors to create an environment suitable for all genders. This tip is especially important for parents who wish to keep the gender of their baby a surprise.
  • DIY the majority of the work yourself if you can. There’s a plethora of informative tutorials online, ranging from decorating furniture to making toys or even painting so you can find new ways to decorate your baby’s nursery.
  • Ensure you use decorations that are have surfaces made for easy cleaning. Once decorated, keep the air clean of dust with regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Nursery Room Decoration Tips2

Nursery room decorating allows parents to optimally plan how their child will grow with the room, not out of the room, so remember to consider these main points:

  1. Colors – Stick with a neutral pallet and/or 1-2 colors you and your child will not get bored of in a year or two.
  2. Furniture – Make sure you have furniture that is able to serve more than a simple purpose (convertible furniture, DIY closet shelving, etc.)
  3. Adaptable Decorations – adapt decorations in the nursery room to your needs, a changing table or rocking chair could also double as some serious eye candy and visual to make the room appear more interesting. Making sure you have good visuals will help stimulate your child’s imagination as time goes by.

Finally, enjoy the process and have fun decorating your child’s nursery! Before you know it, you’ll be making plans to turn the nursery into that home gym you’ve always dreamt of…

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