Less Is More In Home Design


We all know the saying, “Less is more,” first popularized by minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. On a practical level it makes sense, having less stuff leaves more room, space and energy for the things you love.

The less is more concept can apply to many situations but here at Imagineer Remodeling, we believe that less is definitely more when it comes to exceptional home design.

“Don’t use a lot where a little will do.” -Proverb

So how do you use less and achieve that minimalist look? Here are 7 tips to help you incorporate the “less is more” style into your home.

Go Smaller

Flow is everything in 2017 home design. Instead of rooms enclosed by walls, spaces are defined by refined distinction in lighting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom design with the goal to maintain space and volume. Interior spaces flow into outdoor spaces visually and functionally.7

Get Cleaner

Kitchen design will dominate cleaner lines and sleeker finishes. Painted cabinets will rule in 2017, custom cabinets with various wood tones and two-tone kitchen cabinets that will take your kitchen in distinctive style directions. European-style kitchens will continue to be popular because of their fresher sleek lines clutter less look. Wide plank, darker wood floors are still on-trend for 2017 as well as matte for appliance finish that is resilient to fingerprints and streaks. Copper and bronze surfaces are popular in the same spaces. Walls, cabinets and backsplashes are trending toward softer colors; more cohesive shades of gray, copper and bronze make a great fresher alternative to beige. 3

The master bathroom is also evolving and changing to adapt to a lifestyle that is simple and sleek in 2017. Oversized showers, invisible frameless-glass doors, large natural tile floors, vanities and fixtures are just a few of the hottest trends working together to create clean lines and open flow to make any space feel spacious and special.  4

Go Smarter

Another fast growing trend in home remodeling this year is automation. With huge leaps in technology in just the past couple of years, home systems not only activate with the touch of a button, but can be controlled remotely and learn from our daily habits. Smart thermostats use sensors and your phone to control everything from security systems, door locks and lights with a variety of devices.


Get Greener

Today’s savvy homeowners are willing to invest a little more in remodeling in order to save in the future. A must in home remodeling are Dual flush, low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters and water-saving faucets for kitchens and baths.5

In landscaping trends are moving toward weather-sensing irrigation systems; drought-resistant native plants and ground covers. 

Make It Easier

Homeowners looking for more free time will enjoy the benefits of smart technology features and new options in home construction that will make running the home easier. Home remodelers are seeking out low maintenance home remodeling projects that will improve the reliability of their home.7

Perhaps your home will benefit from a dose of a little less?

If you’re looking to simplify, clear up the clutter, brighten up the gloom, ramp up the efficiency, and smarten up your home and need a hand, give us a call or contact us by clicking the button below.

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Make more out of your home

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