How to Create a Modern Home Office Space While Working Remote

Follow these tips to create a home office that is comfortable, functional, and conducive to getting things done.

As a remote worker, you probably spend more time at home than most people. That’s why ensuring that your home office is comfortable and functional is vital. In this article, you’ll explore some of the ways you can make your new working space more conducive to getting things done.

Think about Lighting

How you set up your lighting is crucial. It can significantly affect how you feel, and choosing the proper lighting for your home office is essential.

  • Natural light is best.
  • Bring in as much natural light as possible by using window treatments that let in lots of daylight and keeping blinds up during the day. You want to see well when working from home, so make sure that there are plenty of windows in your home office space.
  • Add task lighting where needed.

If there isn’t enough natural sunlight entering your room through windows, consider adding artificial task lights or desk lamps for situations when you need extra focus or brightness (e.g., reading and writing). Make sure that these lights don’t compromise the overall look of your workspace; if they do, consider putting them behind decorative screens or adding a lampshade with a soft shade material like linen or silk rather than plastic, so it blends into the room better.

Make Sure the Room Is Ventilated

While working from home, you must ensure the room you’re using is ventilated. You may have to be especially vigilant about this if you’re having trouble with allergies or are using a space that isn’t generally used as an office.

  • Open windows: Opening windows creates cross-ventilation so that fresh air can flow through the room while stale air moves out of it; this helps keep moisture levels consistent throughout your workspace without creating excessive drafts across objects on desks or shelves in the process. Which may cause papers/documents sitting there to move around too quickly for comfort.
  • Get a fan: Fans can help circulate cool breezes around areas where people work comfortably without having direct access outside their homes (such as basements).

Invest in a Comfortable, Ergonomic Chair

After all, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours is a recipe for a sore back, neck, and shoulders. And if you’re working at home, it can also lead to distraction and fatigue.

Try investing in a quality ergonomic chair to ensure you are always comfortable while working remotely. Ergonomic chairs support your spine as you sit at your computer throughout the day. They have higher backs than traditional office chairs and feature supportive cushions that will help ease tension in your lower back and lumbar region.

Don’t Let Your Home Office Turn into a Storage Space

A tidy home office is a great way to use your space efficiently. When working remotely, letting your desk turn into an overflowing storage space can be tempting. It’s essential not to let that happen. Your home office should reflect your work ethic and show that you’re disciplined and organized.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers help you breathe easier, sleep well and stay healthy. An office air purifier can help by removing bacteria, allergens, and viruses from your home office space which in return creates a healthier indoor environment while working.

When working from home, it’s essential to pay attention to how clean your workspace is to avoid getting sick or feeling disgusted by bad smells when trying to focus on work tasks when air quality is not up to par, or there are too many germs floating around in the air, your productivity will suffer.

Keep It Clean, But Don’t Overdo It

There are only two things that you need to remember when it comes to keeping your home office clean:

  • Keep it clean. Don’t let things get too messy; it’s one of the best ways to ruin your productivity and become distracted.
  • Don’t overdo it. You don’t want the place so neat that you can’t stand being there. A little clutter can help you focus.


Once you have these things in place, you’ll be able to work from home without stressing over the details. Your new home office space should be where you can get some work done and relax simultaneously. It should also be comfortable enough that it doesn’t make you regret working from home in the first place. You will love what your new workspace offers when it comes together just right.

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

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