Home Renovation Projects You Shouldn’t “DIY”


Sometimes homeowners have an unrealistic notion that they can undertake major remodeling projects on their own. Ideally, “doing it yourself” can often save money, but knowing your limits is critical. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Although there are simple, low-risk projects that are great to tackle on your own, most often homeowners are better off hiring a professional to take over.

Did you know that every year, thousands of people end up in emergency rooms across the country because they attempted a project that they should have called on a professional? Not only can you injure yourself, but if the resulting renovation is faulty, like insecure flooring or bad electrical wiring you could risk hurting others too.

Home Renovation Projects You Shouldn’t DIY

In order to avoid injury to yourself and your loved ones always call a professional to perform any of the following home repairs:

Electrical Wiring


There is a reason why electricians exist. They know how to install and repair wiring while ensuring that the work is in accordance with relevant codes. When a repair is done incorrectly, you risk getting electrocuted, dealing with electrical code violations, and even worse; your home could potentially catch on fire.

Gas Repairs


When it comes to gas leaks or detecting gas odors you should always contact your local gas company directly. An insufficiently sealed leak can release gas at a slow but steady rate, insidiously poisoning anyone in or around the home. Did you know that natural gas is actually one of the deadliest elements used in your home? An incorrectly installed gas appliance or leaking gas line can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can kill you in your sleep or even cause an explosion in your home. Avoid any issue by regularly testing your carbon monoxide detector.

Plumbing Issues


Most often plumbing issues can be complicated. Broken pipes, leaks and setback in need of fixing right away are projects you should call a professional plumber to identify the and fix the problem. Often times, trying to fix plumbing issues yourself may cause you a greater expense in the long run.

Wall Demolition


Rather than getting your aggressions out using a sledgehammer, we highly recommend you hire a professional contractor to demolish and remove any retaining structure of your home. Demolishing a load-bearing wall can compromise the structural integrity of your home, which puts your family in serious danger if not done correctly.

Roof Fixes


Fixing or replacing a roof requires knowledge and precise expertise. Avoid injuring yourself or accidentally falling from the roof and hire an experienced roofer. A professional will have the right skills and the correct tools to can do the job much faster.

Mold Removal


Mildew and mold can make you and your family very sick and can often times trigger allergic reactions like sneezing, coughing, runny eyes or skin irritations. Hire a specialist who deals with mold remediation rather than trying to remove it on your own. If you find spores growing on drywall, studs, and subflooring — especially if the area exceeds 10 sq. ft. — then you’ve got a serious mold problem. To get rid of mold that you suspect is putting your family at risk, your best bet is an independent consultant with credentials.

Replacing Windows


If you’re in looking to replace or remove old windows in your home you should hire experienced window installation professional. The limited knowledge most homeowners have may cause them a greater cost and danger in the end. Most replacement windows available today often require specialty tools for their installation. Plus a professional can ensure that your new windows are snug and secure, which you and your thermostat will certainly appreciate.

Unfortunately, knowing when to roll up your sleeves, and do it yourself, verses when to hire a professional, is something many homeowners learn by trial and error. Instead of wasting your time on projects that are too complicated, choose your battles, and take the time to research anything that will likely be dangerous, hazardous and too expensive. Keep in mind those home projects that involve serious attention, cost, difficulty, and hazard require professional help. Imagineer Remodeling is always available to offer our knowledge and to help consult your specific home remodeling needs and concerns.

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