“Green” Your Home With Efficiency & Conservation Rebates


Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, especially now a day. Owning a home is an expensive undertaking but if you have the right tools and information you can find exceptional savings that are offered by utility companies.

So if you are looking to take advantage of saving money on new energy efficient products or any home renovations? Look no more we’ve taken the time to research the internet and gather a list with the links of the utility companies that offer energy efficient upgrades in addition to incentives and rebates in the state of California.

Learn how to you can take advantage of programs that are available for your home energy-efficient products and appliances.

Below is a list of resources that will assist you as a homeowner:

Home Efficiency and Conservation Rebates in California

  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

There are many products available that increase the energy efficiency and water conservation in a home. Residential customers can benefit from the rebates and incentives offered by the LADWP for appliances, building products, heating & cooling, landscape & irrigation, pool pumps, toilets, electric vehicles, and solar installation projects.

Utility companies offer Rebates that are money that you receive after you’ve upgraded to new, energy-saving products. It is now more affordable with a variety of rebates and programs available from LADWP, making these programs available to assist customers in using energy and water more efficiently as well as saving money and resources while improving our environment. 

  • Energy Upgrade California

We all want to save money. And we should all strive to cut down on our energy use. MyEnergy.org offers numerous rebates to help lower the costs of your energy action plan. There are even incentives that are for pre-approved projects that retrofit or install new energy efficient equipment to save energy. Check which programs are available in your area by visiting MyEnergy.org.

Remember that when it comes to being more mindful of wasteful energy use, we need to address a few areas: changing our daily habits, upgrading to energy efficient appliances and sealing air leaks around the home. The links below will provide more information:

  • Southern California Gas Company

SoCalGas makes it easy to lower your energy bills with smarter products that operate more efficiently.

  • Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison offers a variety of energy saving plans, rate programs and rebates for everyone. Visit their Rebates and Incentives page to find out more.

  • PG&E

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company offer many different rebates. Visit PGE to view a list of products that are currently eligible for rebates.

  • Ventura County

If you live in Ventura County, here’s a great list of resources to help get rebates and incentives for your home.

For additional tips to improve your home efficiently and resourceful home remodeling alternatives, please visit our website where you will find additional green home renovations trends and ideas.