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If you’re considering remodeling that old bathroom, or you're building your dream home - you might be inclined to hire an architect, designer and contractor to bid out the plans. There is actually a better-value solution for residential remodeling called Design-Build.

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Is it right for you and your remodel? And what are the pros and cons of this approach, compared with a more “traditional” method? 

We’ve published a brief homeowner's guide on the Design-Build method to help you navigate the process of Design-Build remodeling. This guide has all the answers to help you sort it out and decide how to proceed to make your home and remodeling project the best it can be. 
What’s Inside
About The Author
Isaac Azencot
Co-Founder & CEO 
Isaac Azencot is the Co-Founder and CEO of Imagineer Remodeling - a full-service home design and remodeling company specializing in the design-build approach, where we handle all aspects of your project from concept to completion. 
What Is Design-Build?

The benefits of hiring a Design-Build remodeling company

How it differs from other project delivery methods

How To Properly Estimate & Budget for Your Project

BONUS “Action Plan Checklist” 

Why Choose a Negotiated Contract over Competitive Bids?

Advice for selecting & hiring the right Design-Build Company

Learn how to make your home remodeling experience smooth from start to finish with Design-Build. 

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