Color Style Trends for 2015: Color Inspirations For Home Design


2015 is here with exciting new home remodeling design trends. With a brand new year, full of fresh and exciting new styles comes new bold colors and hues you can add into some of your favorite home elements to keep your home fresh and ever evolving.

Home remodeling designs are veering toward consistent, convenient, functional and beautiful spaces with warm colors to create a “wow” factor. So think colors and imagine all the opportunities.

Here are the 3 hottest color trends of the year that your could incorporate in paint, wallpaper, modern elements, kitchen cabinets and more.

Color Trends for 2015

Did you know that home remodeling and interior design trends follow the world of fashion? Fashion designers are all about the color blue this year, so basically, you could say that blue is the new black. You’ll spot diverse hues of blue, ranging from indigo to winter sky to Mediterranean blue in fabrics, walls, furnishings and cabinets. We love all things blue; and admire seeing these majestic hues integrated so well into our homes.

Cambridge Times OP10-X060

Marsala is also another trending color for 2015 as Pantone named it the “color of the year.” This earthy reddish-brown color invites a classy hue that expresses elegance in any room. Homeowners are going to incorporate this rich and welcoming hue in accent design, paint and textured surfaces.


Source: Pantone

And finally, this is the year of citrus hues. Citrus colors never go out of style and will revive all spaces. Add a splash of color to your home with their vibrant bounty inspiring fresh new strokes of genius. Orange, tangerine and lemon are not limited to the kitchen any more, these naturally glowing hues are abundant with opportunities that will brighten up any room in your home.


Source: Interior Design Ideas

There are many looks that are big right now, with home remodeling professionals starting out in many different directions. Everything seems to be in, from experimenting with color, styles, shapes and textures. As always, it’s essential to search creative design ideas before you jump in to any remodeling projects. However at the end of the day, there is only one style that matters: yours. Be true to yourself, and create your home with things that make you happy. New styles come and go but making a home unique to your personal needs is the most important goal. Make sure you find the look you love and can enjoy for years to come so that you don’t have to change every year.


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