Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

While remodeling the bathroom may seem difficult if you're a homeowner, there are ways to get the bathroom you want without spending too much.

Even though it may seem like a challenge, there are several ways to renovate your bathroom without paying too much. If you’ve seen a few of the latest home renovation shows, you may think that it will take five figures to strip everything out of your bathroom and replace it. While remodeling the bathroom can be a huge undertaking if you’re a homeowner, there are some ways to get the bathroom features you want without spending too much. Making a few small changes can instantly update the bathroom and make it more relaxing and visually appealing. Here are a few affordable suggestions to try.

Find Affordable Replica Materials

If you can, you should keep and refurbish any quality materials in your bathroom. However, if necessary, you can often find cheaper alternatives for decorative bathroom accents. For instance, you can install vinyl flooring that looks like wood plank flooring for a fraction of the cost. Some of the vinyl flooring options you’ll find these days look much better than earlier versions and are resistant to moisture, which is important for the bathroom. If there are currently wooden floors in your bathroom, you can also find the tile that will fit into the bathroom space. Or, you can treat your wooden floors with enamel to protect it from moisture and mildew. If you want to find an affordable way to replace the natural stone counters in the bathroom, try quartz or high-definition laminate. You’ll still get the luxurious look but won’t pay as much.

Refinish the Bathtub

If you want to replace the tub, you may find that this is the most expensive part of the renovation. This is why you should consider refinishing the bathtub instead. This allows you to repair the shower and bath area without removing this section of the bathroom and waiting for contractors to replace it. If the issue with your bathtub is primarily cosmetic, i.e. nicks, cracks, or yellowing, you can find professional-grade liners that will last for years. A refinished tub often looks better than a new one and can save you a considerable amount of money. When you don’t want to refinish the entire surface of the tub, you can get a touch-up. Porcelain Repair and other similar products allow you to fix the nicks or yellow spots in your bathtub without the assistance of a contractor. These products are easy to apply and can give the tub and shower area a brand new look.

Adding New Hardware to Cabinets and Walls

Purchasing new cabinets for the bathroom can be costly, and paying a contractor to install them raises the price even higher. You can revive the cabinets you already have in the bathroom by updating the hardware. Just make sure that the new hardware you want has screw alignments that match with the holes that are already drilled in your cabinets. This keeps you from having to drill new holes in the cabinets and keeps them in good condition. It’s also a good idea to add new hardware and features to the bathroom. A heated lamp can make shower time more relaxing, or you can add a towel warmer to ensure that your towels feel like they’re coming right out of the laundry each time you use them.

Install the Toilet Yourself

Plumbers are valuable professionals when it comes to bathroom repair or renovation. However, if you’re strong enough to carry a new toilet into your bathroom (and carry the old one out), you can handle this task yourself. You don’t have to hook up excessive water lines, and the hardest part of the job is putting the toilet in place. If you need help with this step, you can ask a friend for assistance or use a hand truck.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint or Wall Paper

Few things make a room look brand new like a fresh coat of paint. You can choose a light color like blue or green to make the bathroom feel calm or refreshing. Or, you can add wallpaper to the smallest wall in the bathroom to add visual interest to space. Even if you don’t make any other renovations, paying attention to the walls can make the bathroom look like a new room. These are just a few practical and cost-effective ways to renovate the bathroom. Even if you use one or two of these tips, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way your bathroom looks, and in the way, you feel when you enter the bathroom.

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