A Monthly House Cleaning Schedule that is Quick and Easy

Here is a list of some important cleaning tasks that you should do at least once a month, along with a step by side guide on how to do them.

People mostly focus on regular cleaning of their houses and apartments, but they slack off when it comes to deep cleaning. Deep cleaning your house doesn’t have to be time-consuming or daunting if you manage it properly and make a schedule that is easy and quick to follow. Regular cleaning involves mopping the floors, cleaning washrooms, and dusting. But some cleaning tasks have to be performed every month to ensure that your house is properly cleaned. Here is a list of some important cleaning tasks that you should do at least once a month, along with a step by side guide on how to do them.

Clean Your Windows at least Once a Month

Monthly cleaning of home windows consists of cleaning each window’s internal glass and sills. You can use a glass cleaner to get rid of streaks on the windows of your house. Cleaning windows on a rainy day might lessen the threat of leaving streaks on the glass. Before you start washing windows, buy the primary window washing equipment. And then follow the easy steps to get fast and clean outcomes while cleaning your house windows.

Thoroughly Clean Baseboards and Blinds

The mini blinds usually get an excessive amount of dirt and dust, which is why they can be a bit difficult to clean. The more you spray and wipe, the more dust unfolds along with dirt that encourages grease buildup. It’s tough to wipe each side of all blades; therefore, extensive care should be taken while cleaning window blinds.

Clean all the Walls of the House

Even if you have a small family, you will still find spots and marks on the interior walls of your house. Having these spots on the walls feels messy, and therefore they should be cleaned. Wash the walls of your house to get rid of paint marks, color marks, dirty hand spots, and dust spots at least once a month. The kitchen, lounge, and the areas where garbage is kept are parts of a house that get dirty easily and require frequent wall clean-up.

Dust Everything Properly

Besides the regular dusting you do every day or every week, extensive dusting should be done monthly. Properly dust the back of fixtures and home equipment along with window sills, ceilings, and baseboards. Moreover, you must not forget to dirt down your doors and hidden corners where spider webs are usually formed.

Clean the Furniture

Monthly cleaning and vacuuming is probably the best way to clean extensive clouds of dust from the depths of your furniture. Go down into the crevices of your sofas to drag out the objects and garbage stuffed inside them and throw them away. Then, vacuum beneath and across the cushions to remove all the dirt.

Clean the Air Vent Covers

You might not give much attention to the air vents in your house regularly, but dust can quickly build across them. Clean the vent covers monthly to prevent dirt from blowing out into your rooms. You should also wipe down the close-by wall properly to get rid of any dirt that has been accumulated there.

Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures in Rooms

Cleaning ceiling lights on a month-to-month basis protects them from turning into a bundle of dirt. To clean ceiling lights, you must wet wipe the covering and the lights to bring a shiny appearance. Once you are done cleaning them, you will find them brighter and shinier than usual.

Deep-clean all the Appliances

At least a monthly clean-up is required for the appliances to prevent them from getting damaged. If not cleaned timely, the dirt can enter the deep part of the appliances and affect their working. Here is how you can deep clean your appliances.

  • Use an excellent oven cleaner to get rid of baked-on drips and overflows from your oven.
  • Remove everything out of your fridge and freezer and clean everything properly.
  • Scrub the exterior and interior sides of your microwave oven.
  • Remove all the leftover food from the fridge and oven and use a good cleaning solution to get rid of bad odors.

Clean the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans should also be cleaned once a month to get rid of all the dirt and dust accumulated on them with time. Clean your fans properly especially if you have white fans because even the slightest dust can make them look dirty. If it has been a month since you haven’t wiped your ceiling fans, you must take a look at them. There will be a lot of dust and dirt sticking to them. Therefore, you must clean the ceiling fans at least once a month to save yourself from all the dirt from being dispersed in the air.

You must ensure that the cleaning tasks mentioned above are done at least once a month so you can have a clean and tidy house free of germs and dirt.

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