5 Tips for Making Your Kitchen Look Modern and Luxurious

Making your kitchen look modern and luxurious doesn't have to break your bank. Here are a few affordable ways to turn your kitchen into a luxuriously modern cooking space.

If cooking is an art, then your kitchen should be a constant source of inspiration. What better way to do that than by modernizing your cooking space into something that makes you feel like a luxury?

Whether you like to spend most of your day in the kitchen or want to constantly make lasting impressions on your friend groups, redoing the décor is the right step. Making your kitchen look like a millionaire wife’s paradise doesn’t have to break your bank. It’s as simple as doing targeted changes to the entire aesthetic appeal without having to tear down walls – unless you want to.

Spruce up Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for affordability and sustainability, then revamping your preexisting cabinets is the better option. Rather than taking them down entirely, which would create waste, you can find ways to make them more appealing to the eye.

Depending on your taste, consider a paint job with a glossy or matte finish. A fresh coat of paint guarantees that your old cabinets will be brought back to life. You can go the extra mile and change the handles on your cabinets. Brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and hardwood are viable options. There are a lot of trendy designs available in the market today. Find one that speaks to you and will be a statement piece for your kitchen.

Adding glass doors to some of your cabinets helps to increase visibility. It gives you, and your visitors a sneak peek into your china displays. It also helps brighten your kitchen and create the illusion of a spacious kitchen area.

Include Highlights and Contrast to Your Walls

Your main goal should be to create an illusion of luxury. Have you ever heard of luxury colors? Now you have. Playing around with color combinations of lighter and darker colors goes a long way toward improving the appearance of your kitchen.

Luxury colors include beige, white, cream, champagne, white, gold, silver, etc. These colors help brighten your kitchen and make it more significant or spacious. You can also decide to pair them with darker colors like blacks, greys, royal blue, etc. A popular recommendation would be to paint your cabinets a darker color and your walls something brighter and vice versa.

If repainting your walls seems like a current no, you could always pick one wall and turn it into a statement piece. Playing with textures or using wallpapers makes your kitchen intriguing. As you repaint, ensure you use the colors and textures sparingly to avoid overshadowing your kitchen.

Use Statement Pieces for Your Light Fixtures

When people think about modernizing their homes, lighting somehow manages to be last on the list or absent from it. The proper lighting can help create a certain ambiance in your space. Investing in brighter bulbs for dinner parties and dimmers for a date night with your partner can instantly transform your kitchen. Lower lighting helps to create the illusion of luxury.

Aside from purchasing the right kind of bulbs, fixtures help to create a particular atmosphere in your kitchen. Using statement pieces can help make yours look a million bucks. Popular options include chandeliers, using low-hanging fixtures, or globes. If these feel a little too much, LED lights can work just fine.

Marble and Stone Table Tops

While stone and marble might be expensive investment options, they are worth every penny. They add a flair of elegance to your kitchen. Marble and stone make the clean-up process a walk in the park and require little to no maintenance.

Including marble tiles in your flooring helps to create a gorgeous background in your kitchen. When it comes to marble, a little goes a long way. The best part is that they complement most color schemes.

Introduce Displayable Decor

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be used as display options for your countertops. The biggest disadvantage is that fresh fruits don’t stay fresh for long. It would also be a waste of money and food to keep buying fresh food for displays to throw them out in a couple of days. Investing in faux fruit décor is an alternative that makes your kitchen look inviting without trying too hard.


The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most expensive places to redecorate or renovate. This can make it a daunting experience for most homeowners. However, with the right guidance, you can make targeted and intentional changes to turn your space into a luxuriously modern cooking space.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

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