5 Important Steps to Maintain Your Pool

If you want to extend the life span of your pool, you should keep it clean. Here are the top five tips for maintaining your pool.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is an incredible idea, but it comes with maintenance costs. Hosting pool parties on the weekends or having the freedom to cool off your body whenever you need to are why people need a swimming pool. However, a lack of routine maintenance can ruin this dream when the water turns green and stinks. Here is why you need to clean your swimming pool regularly.

First, a clean pool adds more glamour to your home as the clear blue water is a feast for the eyes. If you follow the recommended maintenance, not only will your yard stay clean, but you will also avoid problems associated with a murky pool. So, if you want to extend the life span of your pool, you should keep it clean. Here are the top five tips for maintaining your pool.

Clean the Surrounding Area Regularly

The immediate area around your pool can get dirty. Therefore, keep the grass short and sweep up all the leaves around the deck. This will prevent dirt from getting into the pool and algae from forming in the pool.

Think of the Filters as the Kidneys

Much like the organs vital to cleaning your blood, your pool’s water filters are constantly removing impurities from the pool water. And just as your kidneys are vital to your survival, your pool’s filters are absolutely paramount for keeping your pool safe to swim in. While leaves are visible, contaminants cannot be seen with the naked eye but promote algae growth. Therefore, you need to frequently check the filters’ condition by taking off the filter cap and removing the debris before replacing the worn parts. Therefore, commit to cleaning the filter basket weekly and flushing the lines once a month to ensure that your pool water is always clean.

Use Chemicals and Check Other Pool Equipment

Many people having problems with their pool focus on water conditions and forget about the performance of their equipment. However, it is essential to think about what is happening to the water outside of the pool. Therefore, check the performance of your water pumps regularly and add cleaning chemicals to keep the water clean. Also, check the pump’s water pressure as this can be an indication of clogged pipes or a faulty filter.

Consult an Expert

To supplement home maintenance, have a professional check your pool’s equipment, such as heating systems, pumps, and filters. At least once a year, have a professional come to your home and assess the condition of all pool systems and water. Also, compile a list of problems you have observed, such as leaks, noisy water coming from the pipes, strange odors, and other observations.

Protect Your Pool From Extreme Weather Conditions

While it’s essential to keep your pool in pristine condition during the summer, it’s even more important to keep it safe during the winter. Do not neglect the pool at any time of the year, as this could lead to significant damage that is expensive to fix. You do not pull the cover off the pool in the summer, only to find a foul smell or a leak in the pipes. Plus, the water could be contaminated by dangerous bacteria.

So take suitable precautions by maintaining your pool throughout the year. For example, purchase a water testing kit before the start of fall to keep the chemicals in balance. This means having a guide to adjusting the alkalinity in your pool. Also, remove excess water from the pipes and invest in a quality cover to prevent debris from entering the pool. If you take the above tips to heart and perform the usual maintenance, you can be sure that you’ll be spending quality time by the pool this summer. Also, remember to trim vegetation around your pool in winter to ensure that pool water does not get contaminated.

To keep your pool clean, you need to take all the tips to heart and make a commitment to yourself. It is a burden that you must bear, or else face the threat of expensive repairs. If you follow the above steps and tips, you can be sure that your pool will be clean all year round, and you can enjoy the crystal clear water. However, you are not limited to the five tips mentioned above; you can also learn about innovations in pool maintenance. It is important to remember that neglecting the health of your pool will lead to endless problems that will be expensive to fix.

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