5 Ideas For Updating Your Exterior Home Design

Have you been searching for design ideas to upgrade the exterior of your home? Follow these tips & tricks to make your dream home a reality.

Have you been constantly searching for design ideas to incorporate into the exterior of your home? You might have spent a significant amount of time pouring into design magazines and blogs looking for the best design for your home. Before settling on a design, you should have a clear picture of a few factors, such as the materials you want to use, the main view that you want to look out to, among other considerations. Your home exterior speaks a lot about your identity and style and can make a statement. You will be surprised to find plenty of cost-friendly installations or improvements that you can use to transform your exterior

The following tips and tricks are some of the ideas you could use to make your dream home come true.

Add Window Shutters

Window shutters are an underrated element, and they give your home that extra appeal. You can use them to accent and highlight your home exterior. Installing window shutters is a very stylish way of giving your home a distinctive and finished presentation. You can benefit highly from having window shutters in your home as they provide that extra security. These shutters can also enhance the level of privacy and regulate airflow into your home, as well as shed rain and sunlight. It also enhances your curb appeal. Fortunately, installing window shutters will not cost you a lot of money, and it is cheaper than other home improvement projects. When you want to make a choice when buying window shutters, be sure to have researched the material you want for your house, be it plastic, vinyl, authentic, or relatively composite wood. There are two kinds of shuttles available including:

  • Functional shutters
  • Non-functional shutters

Work on your front door

The door is among the very first things people set their eyes on when they drive or walk up to your house. If you want to touch upon your curb appeal, you must consider changing the look of your front door. Many people believe that they have to replace their doors to change entirely, but that is not the case. You could pick a color that you desire, which is a friendly contrast to your home’s siding color. Once you find the precise fit for your house, you can then apply a fresh coat of paint to your door while still maintaining its aesthetic. You can also replace the hardware of the old door, such as the door handle, with modern pieces. However, if you want to change your door completely, feel free to shop for your standard door size at quality stores.

Change your mailbox

Your mailbox is an essential feature as it stands right at the front of your property, meaning it is the first element that people see. The not-so-chic mailbox includes the black metal mailbox or the green plastic mailbox. These are typically what everyone has outside their homes. It would be best if you made sure your mailbox blends well with your property’s aesthetic. You could look into other mailbox designs that will make your exterior look appealing. Fortunately, mailboxes don’t cost that much. To add that unique appeal, you should install your mailbox up against your front door instead of just by the street.

Work on your siding

Are you tired of looking at your siding warping or fading color? Discoloration does a significant number in your exterior look as it makes your house look so much older than it is. Your siding could also be affected by visible mold, which is unappealing. One way to improve your exterior is by replacing the siding on your home. You could do this by picking out a different material from the one you have. Make sure you inspect the area for pests, holes, mold, water damage, or growth. Replacing and installing a new siding to your home exterior will boost its appeal.

Invest in landscaping

If you don’t have a flower bed leading up to your house, then maybe it’s time you considered planting one. If you do, then it’s time to change it up a little bit. You can plan and source plants and flowers that can last through all three seasons of a year. This way, your flower bed will always be blooming with color and life throughout. You could also consider planting native plants in your flowerbed. Imagine the feeling of walking up to your house enjoying the breath of nature in your yard. There are tons of other ideas for you to pick from when it comes to landscaping your home’s exterior.


As you can see, remodeling your exterior home does not have to be as expensive and complicated as most people would think. With just a few touches ups you can enjoy a good-looking house that portrays your style and design.

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