4 Fun Additions for New Homeowners

Once you move into a new house, you'll want to make upgrades designed to improve efficiency. Here are four great additions that can give you those outcomes.

Being a homeowner is all about making the home uniquely yours. Once you move into a new house, you have probably started getting the urge to make upgrades designed to improve efficiency or just make the home more uniquely yours. Here are four great additions that can give you those outcomes.

A Bright, Inviting Sunroom

If your family loves being outdoors, it can be a real letdown when the weather won’t let you. Extreme temperatures, rain, and wind can all spoil plans to get out into nature. You can escape this disappointment by adding a sunroom to your home.

A sunroom lets you enjoy a wide view of the outdoors without relying on mother nature to cooperate with your plans. Many decks and patios can easily accommodate the addition of a sunroom, giving you a beautiful outdoor view through three walls and maybe even the roof. A sunroom is a great place to overwinter your potted outdoor plants or even just to enjoy a good book on a snowy morning. By adding feeders for squirrels or birds outside your window, you can turn your sunroom into a perfect place for observing wildlife.

A Relaxing Hot Tub

Whether your job is mentally demanding, physically demanding, or both, a hot tub can be just the solution to your aching and stressed muscles. Fortunately, this addition is not as complicated as it used to be. It is fast and easy to install 110v hot tubs in homes without a complicated electrical project. The compact designs on the market today make it possible to place your new hot tub in rooms and spaces where you might not have thought it could be done.

A new hot tub in your home can create a place to socialize or relax alone. The hot water can be very therapeutic for a number of medical conditions like arthritis. If there are athletes in the family, think about how great the hot tub will feel for them after an intense day of practicing soccer, football, or other fast-paced sports. And just imagine how great it would be to have your hot tub in that new sunroom. Imagine spending an evening relaxing in a hot tub and staring through a glass roof at the stars!

A Basement Rec Room

Forget your old image of what a basement can be. It’s not just the place to put your retired couch and chair in front of a cheap TV or to store boxes of Christmas decorations. Basements have all the potential in the world to be a comfortable, functional space.

Climate control is key. Basements typically aren’t connected to the home’s heating and cooling system. An easy solution for heat is a freestanding electric fireplace. It’s inexpensive and easy to shut off when no one is downstairs. There are also plenty of water-resistant laminate floor products on the market if you have ever had water problems in your basement. Once you’ve got the temperature and the flooring where you want them, it’s all about your creativity and the things you want to do in your new space.

An Outdoor Kitchen for Unique Meals

Most homes have two options for cooking: traditional preparation indoors with the range and outdoor cooking on the grill. Most grilling includes at least some indoor preparation of side dishes and desserts, leaving a mess in both the indoors and the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen can change this.

Today’s outdoor kitchens are built with durable appliances that allow refrigeration and all kinds of cooking outdoors. You can include sinks, prep areas, and even utensil storage so that the entire meal can be completed outside without constant foot traffic in and out of the house. Cooking outdoors can also keep the house cooler by moving all the hot cooking outdoors and cutting back on door traffic.

Whether you’ve built your home or bought an existing one, you want to make it uniquely yours. Until you do, it just feels like it’s still a real estate listing or a construction project. Some of the options available today can really put your own stamp on the house so that the memories you make feel completely yours. These upgrades will also make your home more livable, more efficient, and more comfortable.

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