3 Home Renovation Trends You’ll be Seeing a lot of in 2022

Jump-start your home renovation project with these ideas for features, styles and, products expected to take off in 2022.

Making renovations to a home is something most homeowners will do from time to time. They may be trying to increase the value of the home, may want it to look better, or some area of their home might simply be broken or dated.

Over the years, different home renovation and remodeling ideas fall in and out of popularity. These trends shape the industry, and how people design their homes, both in terms of looks and functionality.

Whether you are in an apartment or a home, this article is going to go over some major renovations trends that you will likely see and consider throughout 2022.

A Large Focus on Sustainability

Many people live eco-friendly lives today, and try to be sustainable in all aspects of how they live. This often includes how they do renovations. Traditionally, many renovations include getting rid of a ton of old items and materials, producing a lot of waste, and then replacing everything with something new.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is because there are many eco-friendly ways to renovate your home. This includes buying reclaimed materials, refacing things instead of getting rid of them, and donating instead of throwing things away.

Also, keep energy efficiency in mind, use insulation, and ensure the paint and other materials you use are not harmful to the environment. There are thankfully many eco-friendly products and methods today, so it is easier than ever to make renovations as green as possible.

An Increased Use of Technology

Whether we want to entertain ourselves or communicate with others, we often turn to technology. We also have and use technology in and around our homes. The shipment of smart home devices is growing every year, and more and more people are using technology to make their homes smart.

When people are making home renovations in 2022 and beyond, don’t be shocked to see them bring in smart home solutions like programmable thermostats, smart speakers, security systems, cameras, smart kitchen gadgets, smart lighting, and more. These all allow you to have much more control over your home and streamline how it operates.

Much of this technology is quite easy to use and set up, and won’t be nearly as expensive as you might think. Some items and systems can still be pricey, but there are smart home products with a ton of features that can be found very affordably.

A Lot More Bold Colors and Designs

Another major trend we are expecting to see a lot of in 2022 is bold colors and designs. People don’t feel the need to be neutral anymore and love the idea of making their space shine. We use colors to show off our personality and design a space we can be happy to show off.

This goes for every room from the living room, to the kitchen. While some may paint their space in fun and unique colors, patterned wallpaper is also coming back and allows people to decorate their walls boldly, without having to fully commit to it.

Also, with many people bringing the outdoors in this year as well, many people are outfitting their home with various bright bouquets and flowers. Not only can these fill your home with a bright color, but they can also make your home smell incredible too. They are a great, and temporary, way to introduce some flair and uniqueness into your home.

In conclusion, expect to see these home renovation trends continue to grow in popularity throughout 2022 and beyond.

Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash

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