Stay Illuminated: Statement Lighting Ideas

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When considering the solutions for interior design, people do not usually put the lighting of their home in the spotlight. Sometimes it is used as an accent in décor, but most often as a mere functional feature. This is a shame, since statement lighting injects instant style into unappealing spaces. It enables people to see their homes in a new light and fill their time with more excitement and comfort. The beauty of it is the freedom of choice: there are ways to summon the contemporary feel, timeless charm, feminine flavor, or industrial edge. So, get creative and let there be light.

Lightening Tips & Ideas: 

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Shine Bright 

The importance of lighting lies in its ability to make the design features of the home fully shine. It adds life to walls and other surfaces that are otherwise not in the spotlight. Furthermore, brighter spaces affect people’s mood in a positive way, providing a warmer and more cheerful ambience. Rooms that are in dire need of refreshment should thus be treated with an illuminating touch. Even slight changes in the level or tone of the light can make a big difference. Now, imagine what a spellbinding statement piece can do for the living space.

Many homeowners opt for high impact lighting in the form of pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and lanterns. Eye-catching, oversized fittings like this really make the space, adding charm to any room. Modern, versatile fitting can be installed virtually anywhere, making the whole living space a stage for the shimmering lighting show. That is not to say that the lighting rules over other design elements. To pull together a stylish environment, one must pay attention to the color scheme, architectural features, décor and accessories.

In A Good Light

Contemporary dining rooms often feature chandeliers that descend above the table and draw the eye up. The similar feel can be introduced with mesmerizing, oversized chopsticks pendants. These nature-inspired fitting gives a sense of organic presence, while light materials like porcelain give off an airy feel. If the brighter lighting is of the essence, then clear glass pendant are a safe bet. Finally, those who seek to glam up their rooms may use oversized mirrors and glass surfaces to bounce the light around and create a striking symphony of reflections.image 5

For a different, streamlined approach, utilize horizontal light fixtures that blend with contemporary design. These lights do not get in the way of the daily going-on in the home. Here, Super Light suggests LED lights because they are more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use only 2-17 watts of electricity and last 10 times longer. These benefits certainly outweigh the downside of their price tag. What is more, LED lighting is durable, does not contain poisonous chemicals, and can be integrated in smart home systems.

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State-of-the-art lighting always serves as a focal point ruling the visual landscape. Such lighting fixtures should be used throughout the home, including some unexpected places like home offices. Still, try to think beyond conventional options. For example, even bare bulb fittings, if arranged appropriately, can infuse an exquisite feel to the room. A floor lamp also does the trick, especially if it is adjusted to hover over tables and other furniture. Feel free to explore other majestic lighting fixtures, and summon the rich brilliance of light to create the desired mood.

A Warm Embrace

Lighting is often overlooked in interior design, but that notion is changing. Those who make a statement with lighting solutions are able to illuminate their path to the stunning living environment. Draw attention to the ceiling with chandeliers or keep the eyes grounded with lamps. Whichever fittings you choose, remember that they must fit into dominant style and visual identity of the home. And once they do, the walls start to speak, décor shines brighter, and home snuggles you with a warm embrace.

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