Create an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

Create an Accent Wall in Your Living Room2

Are you in the middle of a living room renovation or home construction project? A living room makeover does not have to be difficult or cost more than a year's salary. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, a lot of patience and maybe even a good clearance service for all the rubbish disposal you’ll be doing.

For a starting point, it is important to take a look at the room. What kind of mood would you like to create in the room? Perhaps, you would like a very dramatic accent wall that draws the eye and attention of anyone that enters the room. Dramatic wall accents are usually best in a room that has neutral colors like white, beige, or even grey. Let's take a closer look at how simple is it to create an accent wall in your living room during your home renovation project.

How To Create Accent Walls In Your Living Room

The easiest way to create an accent wall in your living room is with paint. Of course, it is a good idea to purchase the best paint that you can afford. You want high quality paint that is going to look gorgeous on your walls and last a long time.

Select Your Focal Point

Select an area in your living that you would like to direct attention on. For example, the area behind your entertainment center, the wall behind the sofa, or possibly the area directly over your fireplace (if you have one).

Create an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

Prepare The Area

Block off the area, place newspaper or other coverings where you don’t want any paint to get to. Don’t worry about making a mess – you can do the efficient domestic clearance later, when you are finished.

Choose An Accent Color

Select a paint that creates some interest. For example, a neutral colored room would require a dramatic color like vibrant red, grey, or even black. Of course, the color selected is according to personal taste – as with all else during this renovation, you make the decision and you choose the accent.

Or Opt for WallPaper Instead

Another easy way to create an eye catching accent wall is with strips of vibrant wallpaper. Simply block off the selected area in the living room and line the walls with a distinctive wallpaper design that matches the room's decor. Cut proper sizes of wallpaper as the rest will go for rubbish disposal and you want to save as much as you can.

Create an Accent Wall in Your Living Room3

Add The Final Touches 

Afterwards, your living room makeover should be complete. All that is left for you to do is get a rubbish bag and handle the waste disposal. Alternatively, if it is too much, take your phone and call the local rubbish collectors and they will take care of the mess. You can never do too much house clearance.

Finally, after all that work, it’s time for you to enjoy your new walls.

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