Create an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

Are you in the middle of a living room renovation or home construction project? A living room makeover does not have to be difficult or cost more than a year’s salary. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, a lot of patience and maybe even a good clearance service for all the rubbish […]

How To Create a Functional, Modern and Efficient Home Office

Image credit: Nick Keppol via Flickr Whether you just need a space to take care of household bills or work from home full-time, setting up a home office is a much better option than commandeering the dining room or kitchen table with your laptop and boxes of papers. Setting up a home office doesn’t necessarily […]

Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Promotion From Imagineer Remodeling

We are always offering ways to help you save on your next home remodeling project. Don’t miss the chance to save on new kitchen cabinets and countertops for your next kitchen remodeling project. No More Excuses, It’s Time To Remodel That Kitchen. If you’ve been putting off a kitchen renovation or remodeling project, now is […]

How To Remodel Your Small Bathroom to Get More Space

Although the bathroom is an area of the house that is used by everybody living there and also by visitors, it is often one of the smallest rooms of a property. Limited bathroom space can cause problems, for personal reasons, and if you plan to eventually sell your home. However, there are multiple ways to […]

Stay Illuminated: Statement Lighting Ideas

When considering the solutions for interior design, people do not usually put the lighting of their home in the spotlight. Sometimes it is used as an accent in décor, but most often as a mere functional feature. This is a shame, since statement lighting injects instant style into unappealing spaces. It enables people to see […]

Bathroom Remodeling: Still One Of The Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

  When it comes to home remodeling projects, bathroom renovations continue to dominate, even over kitchen improvements and renovations. Bathroom remodels rank amongst the most popular home remodeling projects across the nation and is considered an upscale project, which requires efficient time and money. Let’s face it, the bathroom is the most trafficked room in […]

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Have you been thinking of making a few small repairs to your house? If so, you may want to consider some small living room design improvements to transform your common living space into an interior designers haven. The best part is, all these ideas are all incredibly affordable and are quick & fun DIY projects […]

Home Additions: A Great Way To Transform Your Home

When considering major home renovations such as expanding your kitchen, building a second story, or adding an entire wing to your home, building up or building out is often one of the most intricate construction projects. Transform Your Living Space with Home Additions Home additions are among the many ways in which you can transform […]

DIY Restoration Of Your Home’s Outdoor Space

If you love spending time on your porch or in the garden, the following tips will help you craft a few DIY projects to completely renovate the look of your home’s outdoor space. These ideas could also be used to improve a balcony in your home or the terrace. DIY Projects for Outdoor Spaces Use […]

What’s On Your Home Remodeling To-Do List for 2016?

Are you still dreaming of making the home improvements you’ve been holding off on this year? We compiled a list of some of the best design and Home Remodeling trends for 2016 and are exited to share them with you. These ideas are great to integrate into any home remodeling, renovation or construction project. Home […]