Basic DIY Projects to Maintain Your Home

Basic DIY Projects to Maintain Your Home

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to undertake required maintenance to your home. You can accomplish most of these projects in less than an hour, while some may require more time, depending on your home's landscapes. Start with the easier, quicker fixes and work your way to the harder more time consuming ones if needed.

Follow these simple and cheap home projects to make your home feel new — and possibly save you money in repair further down the road.

  • Clean The Guttersclean-the-gutters

Never ignore this one, or, you may have pricier repairs in the long run, such as a leaky or overflowing gutters that rot fascia boards (the roof edge under the gutters), soffits and rafters. Clogged gutters can deteriorate window trim due to water leaking onto window trim and leaky gutters could create water to pool at the foundation of your home, causing leaks, mold and overall foundation damage. The bright side is that cleaning your gutters costs you nothing if you do it yourself. Clean your home gutters at least once or twice a year and while you’re cleaning make sure to check for leaks and breaks.

  • Check For Irrigation Leaks

Your irrigation system and hoses can freeze and thaw in cold winters. However, during the summer, water pressure and sunlight could also cause immense damage to your home (while wasting water and money). Turn the water and check hoses, timers and irrigation systems for any leaks, standing water, broken sprinkler heads. Replace hose gaskets and make repairs, or call your gardener.

  • Caulk The Windows

Applying preventative caulking around windows will help cut your home’s energy bills by keeping indoor air in and drafts out. A $6 tube of caulk will go a long way in sealing edges and small gaps around windows.

  • Mulch The Garden

Want your garden to blossom? Lay 1 to 3-inches of mulch on garden beds to quickly spruce your home’s exterior. Mulch has additional benefits such killing weeds by depriving them of oxygen and light. Mulch also holds moisture in the soil and thereby helps to save water and gives plants a consistent source of moisture.

  • Eliminate and Prevent Pestseliminate_pests

Remove yard surplus and store stacked lumber firewood at least 5 feet from your home’s foundation and on a rack off the ground. Make sure to trim trees and bushes. Rearrange plants so that they do not touch the home’s siding or foundation.  Always clear vegetation and debris under decks and steps. Pick up fruit as soon as it drops from the trees. Replace garbage can lids with tight-fitting lids. Drain pools, puddles and ponds to discourage mosquitoes.

  • Insulate Water Pipes

When your pipes are not properly insulated, you’re essentially wasting heat, which will generate higher energy bills. It’s easy to insulate these pipes with pre-slit, hollow-core, flexible “sleeves” made of polyethylene or neoprene foam, which can be found at any hardware store. Before shopping, make sure you have your pipes’ diameter to get the right fit. 

  • Seal Wood Decksseal-wooden-decks

It's always a great time to give your deck an uplift by sealing it, painting and staining it. Staining or painting your wood deck will give it that needed boost — and you’ll only spend a tiny fraction of that amount. The most cost effective way to seal a deck is do it yourself. You’ll spend a couple hundred dollars on supplies and rented tools. Make sure to do this annually or every couple of years, Ignore this one and it will cost much more to replace the entire deck, an expense that can be in the thousands.

  • Shine Windows

Cleaning your windows is probably the cheapest and easiest way to give your home that sparkle. For a simple, no-streak approach apply a vinegar-water solution to the glass and wipe it off with crumpled newspaper. Also don’t forget your windows should also be regularly cleaned from the outside too! 

  • Give The Furnace Some Well-Needed Love

Don’t forget that your furnace needs a little attention on its summer vacation. Summer is the perfect time to remove and replace the furnace filter. If you’re not sure where the filter is, check the instruction manual to follow directions on how to remove and replace it yourself.


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