A Family-Owned and Operated Business

The story of Imagineer Remodeling begins with brothers who possess distinct personal tastes, but share a love for unique style. Isaac and Jilbert Azencot sought out to combine the skills, values and qualities that are necessary to show homeowners, contractors and other home renovation specialists that it is possible to own the home of your dreams at an affordable price. Thus, Imagineer Remodeling was born.

It is possible to own the home of your dreams at an affordable price.

Imagineer Remodeling has become the primary supplier to offer the highest quality, economically-efficient, European kitchen designs in the U.S. from a leading manufacturer in Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia that has dominated the market for the past 20 years.

With experience, knowledge and background spanning the last 4 decades in construction, real estate, business and property management, Isaac and Jilbert produce well thought-out and beautifully detailed plans that seamlessly combine both functional and aesthetic elements. The Azencot brother’s passion for design is evident in their ability to create stylish and organic spaces that are both visually stunning and reflective of each client’s unique taste.

Let our family help your family

transform a house into the home of your dreams