When Is the Right Time to Hire an Interior Decorator?

Are you having second thoughts about including an interior design expert into your redecorating process? Some people can manage everything on their own, while others need some assistance. If you belong to the latter group, it doesn’t mean you lack taste. Sometimes, it’s easier when there is an experienced professional to help you organize your […]

Home Décor Trends for 2017

No major renovation required — These great décor ideas will inspire, liven-up, refresh and enhance any space in your home. These top décor trends of 2017 are all about creating gorgeous spaces by taking traditional designs and incorporating them into modern and unique style. Modern Gets a Makeover We are seeing a new approach to […]

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy is a property of matter that has many different forms, and without it, life as we know it, and even the Universe, wouldn’t exist. One of the most basic properties of matter is that it can’t be destroyed or created, it can just be transformed from one form into another. There are multiple forms […]