Home Remodeling Seasonal Specials

At Imagineer Remodeling, we do our best to be the best. We are proud of the work we provide, the superiority of the materials we use, the vendors we work with and our happy customers.   As the holiday season approaches, we feel that there’s no better way to celebrate than to give back to our […]

4 Simple Steps Towards an Amazing Front Porch

Your porch does not have to be stencil and mundane, but, you can only achieve that if you pay attention to the little details and make sure that you do your best to decorate. Your front porch will give the first impression of your home, and if you want people to be in awe, you […]

Small Home Decoration Ideas

Many people nowadays that have a small home are facing difficulties other homeowners cannot imagine, but decoration is always one of the most difficult of all. Do you decorate your home well, turning it into something classy, but at the expense of much-needed space or do you forego a more interesting look so you can […]

Interior Decor Trends: Rise of the Industrial Design

If you have recently done your research on the current state of interior design, you have probably stumbled upon the word Industrial more than once. No wonder, Industrial Décor is currently on the rise. Although one would not instantly associate the stark and minimalistic vibe of the factory halls with your cozy living room, there […]

Resolve Problems With Balance and Focus

“Life is wonderful when you balance and focus on what it is you need to resolve.” Problem Solving With Balance and Focus In addition to custom home remodeling and renovation, Imagineer Remodeling is here to help you manage the chaos that is our modern-day lives. These few bits of advice may be small, but they […]