Why Do Homeowners Decide To Remodel Their Home?

As a homeowner, making a decision between remodeling your home versus moving to a new one can be incredibly difficult. If you are looking to increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle, remodeling might be the right option for you.After the huge downturn in history, the home remodeling industry is bouncing back, […]

Lets Get Real: The Truth About Construction Costs

Construction Costs for any home can vary greatly depending on the size, design, project specifications, quality, and many other factors that impact and add to the total construction cost. Whether your home improvement project involves new construction or a renovation, you will more than likely have to face the unpleasant truth about construction cost. Home construction projects […]

A Guide To Remodeling Your Home on A Budget

You may have already drawn your plans for that outdoor living room, kitchen remodel or home addition, contemplating to move forward. But does the thought of the whole process make you feel anxious and stressed out already? We have found a simple solution to help you remodel your home on a budget. Use these 4 […]

Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Summer is just about over, although here in California, it may not exactly feel that way. Fall is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for seasonal changes. By being proactive around your home throughout the year, you’ll end up saving A LOT in the long run and keep […]